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Using SPF to protect postfix mail server against spam

SPF is the abbreviation of Sender Policy Framework, which provides a mechanism to prevent spammers from spoofing other users. Through SPF, the mail server can check whether the IP address of the mail sender is consistent with the domain name displayed in the message header.  By setting up SPF, you can prevent others from spoofing your email address to send spam, you can also enable your mail server to block messages sent from spoofers.

How to block spam sender's email and IP address

If you have a standalone virtual host and mail service installed, your web server will be under attack from spammers. You can reduce the impact of spam traffic on your server and make your server more secure. In this tutorial, we will block spam senders by modifying the Postfix configuration file and adding the spam sender's email address to the blacklist. We will then configure fail2ban to automatically ban the corresponding IP address.

How to add https access to your website

If your website does not support HTTPS and can only be accessed via HTTP, visitors will receive a 'Not Secure' warning when using modern browsers such as Google Chrome. This may affect privacy-sensitive users who may not trust sites marked as unsafe. Adding HTTPS to your website not only protects user data from hackers but also protects the website from attacks.